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Gardner Color Comparator with C

Product Code: BGD 425

With C Illuminant ;1-18 grades

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Gardner Color Comparator with C

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Colour variations of transparent liquids such as varnishes, solvents, resins, tensides, oils etc, may be caused by contamination, impurities, process inconsistencies, or excessive weathering. Therefore, reliable and accurate measurements are essential to ensure consistent production standards.

BGD 425 Gardner Color Comparator with C Illuminant is used to test the color of drying fatty oil, varnish, fatty acid, polymerized fatty acids and resin. It complies with ISO 4630 standard.

Main Technical Parameters
■ Working Standard: 18 pcs different standard liquid color which are prepared according with ISO 4630
■ Glass tubes: Colorless and transparent with inner diameter is 10.65± 0.025mm,external diameter is 12.5mm and the length is 114mm
■ Illuminant: Its energy of spectra is similar with C light resource of CIE. And the ray come through the width of the working standard color and sample.
■ The environment is neutral color, the two working standard colors and one sample are within view.

Ordering Information: BGD 425---Gardner Color Comparator with C Illuminant