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New Intelligent Glossmeter

Product Code: BGD 516

New Intelligent Glossmeter

New Intelligent Glossmeter

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BGD 516/1 60°,Calibrate automatically, with software for RS 232
Usually despatch within 7 Days
BGD 516/2 20°/60°,Calibrate automatically, software for RS 232
Usually despatch within 7 Days
BGD 516/3 20°/60°/85°,Calibrate automatically, software+RS 232
Usually despatch within 7 Days

This versatile glossmeter covers a wide range of applications from matt to high gloss measurements conforming to International Standard. Samples can be measured separately at each angle or at 2 or 3 angles simultaneously and effectively processed using the powerful built-in software.


◆ All kinds of coating and finishing surfaces, such as paints, varnishes, printing ink, etc.
◆ Decorative materials, such as marble, granite, polishing brick and ceramic tile.
◆ The other kinds of metallic and non-metallic materials and objects, such as plastic, woodenware, paper, etc. .
◆ Complies with standards as: ASTM D 523,D2457; DIN 67530; ISO 2813 ,ISO 7668,JIS Z 8741,BS3900,BS 6161 etc.

◆ Calibrates automatically.

◆ Simultaneous display 20°/60°/85°-for high gloss to matte coatings

◆ Interface:  Serial RS 232
◆ Software:  BGD GLOSS software included for professional documentation in Excel
◆ Memory:   10,000 measurements or 999 data groups
◆ Power Supply:  A single AA battery.
◆ Comes Complete With:
   Main Device, Holder with Working Standard, Traceable Certificate, BIUGED GOLSSMETER Data Operator Software, Cable for PC Serial port, USB Adapter (optional) , User’s Manual, Carrying Bag.


Main Technical Parameters:

■ Measuring rang: 0~199.9~2,000.0 GU                                             

■ Resolution: ±0.1GU

■ Accuracy: ±1.5GU

■ Stability: ±0.4GU/30min

■ Power Supply: 1 battery AA alkaline

■ Voltage supply : 0.8V-1.5V

■ Measuring Area: 9x10mm; 9x16mm; 5x39mm

■ Dimensions: 155mm(L) x48mm(D) x75mm(H)              

■ Weight:  400g