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Precision Computer Colorimeter

Product Code: BGD 55

Precision Computer Colorimeter

Precision Computer Colorimeter

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BGD 55/5 8mm
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BGD 55/6 4mm&8mm
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BGD 555&556 Precise Computer Colorimeter has adopted multi-channel color sensors of international brands, more stable IC platform as well as efficient and accurate algorithms to provide users with accurate and fast color management and application. They are also designed with ergonomics and intuitive operation and have applied for a number of patents. BGD 555 & 556 are multifunctional colorimeters with great quality and a competitive price. BIUGED insists on independent research whose technology innovation is unique in color management field. These colorimeters are the most convenient colorimeters for users.

Leading intuitive design to aid operation

★ Auto White and Black Calibration at Startup (only for BGD 556)

★ Ergonomic Design

★ Simple Operator Interface.



Stable Measurement Performance

★ The average fluctuation of △E is less than 0.06.

★ Portable design allowing greater stability in use.



Flexible and Accurate Locating

★ Camera style locating can solve the problem of locating a small area. The minimum width of reading are is 4mm (only for BGD 556)

★ Illumination locating is a fast, simple and convenient locating function which is the original function by Biuged



More Measurement Modes (Only for BGD 556)

★ Three measuring apertures allowing for any measuring environment.

★ Five color spaces for more color scheme selection.

★ Three light sources for more circumstances.



PC Software—Realize More Function Expansion

★ BIUGED has the intellectual property of PC software. The corresponding software serial number and password protection are configured in 3nh colorimeter.

★ Be able to perform color difference analysis, color difference cumulative analysis, chromaticity index, color sample database management, simulating object color, etc.



Advanced Power Management Design

★ BIUGED is the first enterprise using high capacity Li-ion battery in colorimeter.

★ BIUGED Li-ion battery can be repeatedly charged which will save cost. Meanwhile, it can measure more than 3000 times on one charge to ensure the stability of long term measurement.


Ordering Information 

Technical Parameters 

BGD 555
Precise Computer Colorimeter

BGD 556
Precise Computer Colorimeter

Illuminating/Viewing Geometry


Measuring Aperture




Silicon photoelectric diode

Color Space

CIEL*a*b*C*h* ; CIEL*a*b*; CIEXYZ

CIEL*a*b*C*h* ; CIEL*a*b*; CIEXYZ; CIERGB;  CIEL*u*v*;  CIEL*C*h; Yellowness & Whiteness ; Color Fastness

Color Difference Formula

△E*a b; △L*a*b*; △E*C*h*

△E*a b; △L*a*b*; △E*C*h*;

△ECIE94; △E hunter

Light Source


D65; D60; A

Light Source Device

LED blue light excitation

Errors Between Each Equipment

≤0.40ΔE*a b


100 pcs standards;  20,000 pcs samples

Repeatability(Average of 30 measurements of standard white plate)

Standard deviation within △E* a b 0.07

Standard deviation within △E* a b 0.06






205x70x100 mm

Power source

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7V@3200mAh

Lamp Life

5 years, more than 1.6 million measurements

Charging Time

8 hours--100%

Measurements Before Recharging

3000 times in 8 hours

Operating Environment

-10~40℃, relative humidity 0~85% with no condensation

PC Software

CQCS3 Software

Data Interface


Extended Aperture (Optional)


Φ8mm extended aperture, available for measuring concave surface


Miniature thermal printer