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Digital Rotary Viscometer

Product Code: BGD 152

Digital Rotary Viscometer

Digital Rotary Viscometer

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SKU Product Name Price Qty
BGD 152/1 10~100,000mpa.s
Usually despatch within 7 Days
BGD 152/2 10~2,000,000 (2M) mpa.s
Usually despatch within 7 Days

BGD 152 Digital Rotary Viscometers are a type of intelligent instrument for testing liquid viscosity. They can complete testing work under the computer’s procedures and display results on their LCD display. They use a MCS-51 series computer to constantly control the rotation speed and all the testing procedures. This makes them a highly precise instrument. They are widely applied in the field of petri chemistry, medicine, food, light industry, textile industry, scientific research, etc.

Main Technical Parameters:

■ Rotors to be used to measure: four rotors of NO.1-4

■ Rotate speed:   6r/min,12r/min,30r/min,60r/min----For BGD 152/1

                                0.3 r/min , 0.6 r/min,1.5 r/min,3r/min, 6r/min,12r/min,30r/min,60r/min—For BGD 152/2

■ Meterage error:  ±5%(Newtonian fluids)
■ Electrical power: : 220V/50Hz
■ Weight: 10Kg
■ Dimensions: 308mmx300mmx450mm. (LxWxH)

■ Others: Direct Digital display(rotate speed, the type of rotors, results)

Ordering Information:
BGD 152/1---Digital Rotary Viscometer: 10-100,000mPa.s(cP)
BGD 152/2--- Digital Rotary Viscometer: 10-2,000,000mPa.s(cP)