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Digital Electrical Conductivity Meter

Product Code: BGD 291

0.001~2×105µS / CM

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Digital Electrical Conductivity Meter

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BGD 291 Electrical Conductivity (EC) meters have double digits LCD display with a large screen and blue back light, displaying conductivity values and temperature values. With manual or automatic temperature compensation. There are four types of electrodes for conduction cell constant:  0.01, 0.1, 1.0 and 10.0cm-1. The user can select for each application. At the same time it has automatic switching of the measuring frequency, measuring ultrapure water with using K=0.01cm-1 titanium alloy electrode and sealing measuring cell.


 Main Technical Parameters

■ Conductivity Range: 0.001-2x105µS/cm (1000MΩ-5Ω)

■ Display: 3 +1/2  LCD

■ Resolution: 0.05% of Full Scale

■ Accuracy:  ± 1% Full Scale + 1 bit

■ Stability:  ±0.67% Full Scale + 1 bit/24h

■ Temperature Compensation Range: 10-40 °C (standard temperature: 25℃)

■ Tested sample Temperature Range: 50-60 °C